…As was stated before the 30th and Final Labor Day Weekend Temple "All Harley" Party Drags at Little River Dragway in 2012 - ALL SPORTSMAN CLASS RECORDS WILL BE RETIRED AT THE END OF THE RACE. The Proud Holder’s of those records will be listed on the Texas Scooter Times website for as long as the site is online..
…Now in 2017, for the Texas Harley Racer’s Reunion Drags September 30th we will classify every Sportsman Harley Race Bike using the SAME classes that have evolved over the past 30 plus years. And now - we will place all of the Street Class motorcycles into one big Street Harley Eleminator and will place all of the Drag Modified Class motorcycles into one big Modified Harley Eleminator.
….Basicly - What this means is - that instead of having over 30 classes of bikes to try and pair them all up and then run them "heads up" - we will be bringing up what ever pair of bikes is at the head of the staging lanes in each Eleminator, even if one bike is an "L Class" and his competition is a "D Class". They will be DIALED IN using the Class Records that have been retired as each bikes Dial In. HOWEVER - UNLIKE NORMAL E.T. Bracket Racing..
THERE WILL BE NO BREAK OUT. - NOTE - Because the modern timing systems can not disable the break out function in an e.t. race - the dial in for every body’s index will be 2 seconds quicker than the index really is so that it is impossible to break out.
…If a motorcycle goes under the Dial In Index for his class and turns on the green light at the end of the track - he is the Winner. Over the past several decades - Many racers have taken each one of the Texas Scooter Times Sportsman Trophy Classes to the absolute peak of the combinations performance. The Records as they stand now are NOT SOFT. Running a race this way is VERY FAIR. It has been modeled after NHRA’s Stock and Super Stock Elemination Procedures that have served them very well for decades.
…Of course - we reserve the right to lower a "Class Index" if one combination goes consistently ½ second or more under the Index. BUT as any rule changes have been very carefully considered over the past 30 years - we will also be very conservative in changing Class Indexes.

HARLEY E.T. BRACKET RACING - …. HARLEY E.T. "dial your own handicap" Racing will be run in the middle of Sunday’s Street Harley Eleminations and Modified Harley Eleminations instead of waiting to finish all of the 30 plus class run-off’s as before.
This race will be staged around Pro Class Eleminations in order to be able to give racers as much time as possible between the E.T. Race and Street & Modified Harley Eleminations.
…We’ve been working on this plan for quite some time - which will be fair, easier to stage and run and Hopefully BE A LOT OF FUN RACIN’ IN - COME ON !!!