After consultation with Kevin Turner, Chief of Racer Registration at the Texas Scooter Times races for the past 21 years, in order to make for as fair a race as possible in the Indexed Sportsman Classes, the Class Index for V-Rod Modified has been lowered from 7.18 to 6.18.

At the initial running of the Sportsman Classes using the Class Records as they stood at the completion of the 30th Temple “All Harley” Drags at June 2nd’s Motorcycle Sunday every class record reflected the best pass a bike has been able to make at our races over the past 30 plus races and with only one exception we felt that the racing was as fair as possible, but we have stated repeatedly that in order to keep “parity” we would reserve the right to adjust any class index.

That time is now for V Rod Modified. Stock V-Rod’s Index is based off of Howard Goe’s hard earned 6.41 e.t.. and the Index for VRCH V-Rod Competition Hot for Street V-Rods with competition modifications also held by Howard Goe is a very strong 6.28. The V-Rod Modified Index which is for V-Rod’s with competition modifications AND WHEELIE BARS was set at 7.18 which we feel does not reflect the combination’s performance potential. That became evident at Motorcycle Sunday in June when watching the Sportsman Eleminations..

Most of the bikes in competition came reasonably close to the index and a couple of bikes even bettered the index but by only a few hundredth’s or mabe at most a 1/10th of a second. However - the competitors in V-Rod Modified have gotten a lot better with this relatively new combination and were bombing the index by as much as 7/10’ths of a second.

We arrived at the figure of 6.18 by looking at all of the records and combinations and figuring that with the addition of a set of wheelie bars just about all of the bikes would pick up at least 1/10th of a second in the 1/8th mile. So we took Howard Goe’s VRCH record as a benchmark, added 1/10th of a second and that’s how we set the V-Rod Modified Index.

We do not like to change indexes any more than we like to change rules for Sportsman Classes. Part of the success of the Texas Scooter Times Sportsman Racing programs have been the fact that some of these classes have not been changed in over 20 years and there are a lot of bikes “Built to Class”… We do NOT see any further changes in the indexes now and do not anticipate any in the future - UNTIL a bike consistently goes ½ second or more under the index and then - we do not anticipate as much a radical change as was necessary this time…

What we’re trying to do is hold as FAIR as FUN as SAFE a race as possible… Now Go “Line ‘Em Up”… & let’s race - there’s a lot more bikes for everybody to run this way in order to Win!!

V-Rod Modified Index Lowered