…The Texas Harley Racer’s Reunion “Gathering & Drags” will see the revival of a race feature that “NEEDS TO BE DONE!!” - A Starting Line Photo Session.

…On the masthead of the Texas Scooter Times website for the last decade
or so, there’s a shot of all the nitro Harleys that were in attendance at Eastex
Dragway at the “Big Drags” in 1983... My racing partner that passed 5 years
ago John Blanton is seen on the far left, I’m next (was low qualifier that day -
just had to put that in), My current racing partner Paul Jones is next to me…
Bonnie Truett is in there, a proud looking Johnny Mancuso is in the middle
and that old photo MEANS A LOT to some of those guys in the shot
(and me too.)

…Here on the TEXASHARLEYRACERSREUNION.COM site is a shot from the first HDRA Finals I held in Farmington North Carolina in ‘85 of all the Pro Harley Racers there and we’ve been getting a LOT of hits on that enlargeable P.D.F. Folks have really enjoyed seeing it… SO - while it might be a little bit of a hassle before Eleminations on Sunday and some racers might not see the value of it now - TRUST ME - In a few years or less - THEY WILL…

…As time gets closer, the exact schedule for the photo shoot will be posted, and it appears that we will be actually staging SEVERAL DIFFERENT SHOTS. We will call up all of the modern Open Fuel Harleys and the Top Alcohol Harleys for a photo session, We’ll call up ALL of the Vintage Nitro & Gas Dragsters for a session and in the spirit of “why in the heck didn’t I do this before” we’ll call up all of the Sportsman Racers for their own Starting Line Photo Shoot.

…Once we get each group up on the Starting Line with the bikes on blocks and the riders along side them - EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE PLACE Will Be Invited To Come Out & Take A Picture…. We’ll line ’em up against the guard rail on one side of the track and so everyone can get a GREAT SHOT - we’ll have everybody taking photos from behind the guard rail on the other side of the track - SO EVERYONE WILL GET AN UNRESTRICTED PHOTO…. Don’t Forget Your Camera - This’ll Just Be A FEW of the FINE “MEMORIES” that Harley Enthusiasts can take home from the Texas Harley Racers Reunion “Gathering & Drags”…